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Silver 925 Collection
Rings entirely in 925 silver signed Pietro Ferrante with an unmistakable punk-rock allure and handmade in Italy using the ancient lost wax technique. Choose the one that best represents you!
Black Vintage Collection
An original finish, designed by Pietro Ferrante to recreate the characteristics of jeans: time, washing, use. Choose a Black Vintage jewel, the more you wear it the more it becomes yours!
MultiCharms Collection
In each bracelet the "Master" tells a story through the most important symbols of our lives. Charms in Silver or Bronze finish. Choose the bracelet that best represents you and wear it to express your style!
Glaze Collection
The properties and beauty of the enamels, wrapped in the sinuosity of the metals, in these rings that Pietro Ferrante creates with enamels of different colors. Give a "splash" of color to your style!

"The Maestro"

"I am convinced that the jewel does not have to stay in the safe, but must be worn. Lived. The intrinsic value of the object does not matter, but the value that the subject attributes to it. Each of us must follow their own taste. Taste is culture, it's a way of life, it's how you eat, how you want to be, it's a set of things. I aim to chase the era. My jewels are inspired by the strength of the sailors, the patience of the seamstresses and the skill of the old blacksmiths." 

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Pietro Ferrante

Pietro Ferrante is one of the characters who contributed, and still contributes, to raise the name of Abruzzo around the world with his art.

The jeweler, originally from Castel Frentano, has an exuberant, whimsical and sunny personality.

He belongs to that group of people who reach out and take exactly what they want from the world. Pietro Ferrante has always been passionate about "beautiful things" and fashion. Attracted by precious stones, he began his career as a representative, in the meantime following specific courses in gemology, although he admits that "you must be able to feel things even without tools".

He forcefully enters the Antwerp Diamond Exchange in Belgium, and then also supplies himself in Tel Aviv, Russia and India and gives vent to his creativity by producing gold jewelry. "Being a salesman allowed me to have a smattering of business, to know the market, prices and trends", he says, "but I wanted something of my own, so I decided to open a company".

He began collaborating with major international fashion brands such as John Richmond, Dsquared, Karl Lagerfeld, John Galliano and Cavalli who commission metal works such as buckles, bag accessories and shoe accessories.

Pietro followed his nose for business, thus distracting himself from the precious stones that had so fascinated him because "you live neither on dreams nor on romanticism". In the late nineties he launched his line, called My Philosophy, on the market. "The input came from text messages. Everyone communicated through writing and then I asked myself: why can't I also communicate with a jewel? ”.

For My Philosophy, Pietro created silicone bases that are colored and interchangeable by the customer, with a patented closure, in which you could insert silver or gold buckles with diamonds to combine symbols, to write your name or words.

The aim was to allow everyone to build a personalized jewel and the success was worldwide.